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What is hypertension?

       Hypertension is caused by blood pressure that’s higher than normal (greater than or equal to 130/90) and is a common condition without showing symptom, but it can bring complications such as heart disease, stroke and kidney failure, which can be life-threatening.

 High blood pressure usually develops over the years and can occur in any gender and all ages…

Characteristic symptoms of hypertension :

       In general, hypertension usually does not have any signs or symptoms, even if the blood pressure values are at levels that are higher than normal. Some people with high blood pressure may experience headache, shortness of breath, or nosebleeds. However, these symptoms usually do not show until the hypertension is at a severe stage.

Causes and factors of hypertension :

  1. Age: The older you get, the higher the risk of developing high blood pressure.
  2. Heredity
  3. Obesity: High blood pressure often occurs in people who are overweight. (Read the article about Abdominal obesity, click here.)
  4. Smoking
  5. High-salt foods
  6. Foods low in potassium cause the body to store too much sodium in the blood because the potassium works to balance the amount of sodium in the body.
  7. Drinking alcohol to excess
  8. Stress: High stress levels can cause a temporary increase in blood pressure.
  9. Some diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes and sleep apnea may also increase blood pressure.
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What is the blood pressure level that risk of hypertension?

Blood pressure can be divided into 4 levels as follows :

  1. Normal pressure: below 120/80mm is considered normal.
  2. Slightly elevated high pressure: blood pressure between 120/80 – 129/80 mm.
  3. If the blood pressure is between 130-139/80-89 mm Hg is considered stage 1 hypertension.
  4. Stage 2 hypertension: If the blood pressure exceeds 140/90 or more, it is considered severe hypertension, and stage 2 hypertension.
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How to prevent hypertension :

  1. Eat all 5 food groups, avoid sugary, oily, salty foods.
  2. Exercise regularly for 150 minutes a week
  3. Abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Keeping your mind clear
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