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New medicine(Precision medicine): EP 1

The key to good health and longevity

Current medicine is the standard treatment for curing most patients. But at the same time, some groups of patients may require individualized care. Therefore, new knowledge in medicine and molecular biology has been developed. together with the use of technology to decipher human genetics (DNA sequencing) with better efficiency and lower costs A new type of medicine was born called Precision medicine.

Therefore, the approach to health is precise with genetic data analysis. together with environmental and behavioural factors to be able to predict risks, prevent, treat disease, and promote health that is specific and appropriate to the individual.

What is precision medicine?

Precision medicine is precise and specific treatment. Based on genetic information (genetics) or information at the molecular level of that person, and including other information such as lifestyle and environment to be used in diagnosis and choosing a form of treatment where drug selection including disease prevention and health promotion is to the point and most appropriate for the individual patient.

การแพทย์แม่นยำ Precision Medicine

Did you know...the role of genes affects health at every stage of life?

“Genes” are genetic codes within us that control people’s expressions to be different. Whether it is external characteristics such as eye colour, skin colour, height, to the risk of developing many types of diseases, and which genes affect health in every stage of life – from before pregnancy, during pregnancy, childhood, adulthood, the elderly. This can Include health planning and care for patients with certain diseases

What is genetic screening (Genomic screening)?

It is the examination of the genetic code (DNA) by in-depth analysis of the individual’s condition. and searching for abnormalities that may be passed on to offspring The results will lead to specific health care guidelines that are the most appropriate and effective for each individual patient.

Why do you need to test your genes?

It is a risk assessment at the deepest level. In addition to factors that we can control, such as lifestyle and environment, it makes you aware of the chances of developing various diseases. It  helps to prepare for disease prevention in advance, including the ability to analyse and select medicines that are suitable for your physical condition; reducing side effects from drug use: reducing the risk of drug allergies;  help with planning for having children, and screening for certain genetic diseases that may be passed on from parents to children

Who should come for a genetic test?

Gene testing can be done at any age. It is suitable for those who are interested in various aspects of health care. Want to plan holistic health care, especially those with risk factors? If the family has a history of serious illnesses, especially cancer, or a family member has a disease that can be passed on genetically, this including couples who are planning to have children.

การแพทย์แม่นยำ Precision Medicine

When should I have my genes tested?

Gene testing can be done at any time, even if abnormal symptoms have not been found. Testing will help assess risk before a disease develops, especially in those with a family history of risk. It makes prevention of various diseases easier and with better and clearer results. And because the genetic code is something that will remain with every human being without change for the rest of their lives, once checked and the results are known there is no need to check again.

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