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Health Check-up and Blood Testing Services

Health Check-up and Blood Testing at TLC Udon Lab Center

Customers who wish to undergo health check-ups or blood testing as prescribed by a doctor. You can contact us through various channels to inquire about our services and book appointments. Alternatively, we also welcome walk-in customers who prefer to avail themselves of our services without prior appointments.

Service Procedures

Pre-Service Consultation

Prior our services, customers have the opportunity to receive a consultation. They can inquire about details or schedule appointments for various health check-ups and blood tests through all available communication channels. Additionally, customers are always welcome to visit any of our branches and receive services from our medical technologist, even without a prior appointment.

Specimen Collection

Once the customers are prepared for their health check-up or blood test, we will proceed to collect the specimens for analysis.

Analysis Process

We have a team of experienced medical technicians who utilize modern laboratory equipment to ensure the accuracy and precision of results. Our testing procedures adhere to ISO 15189 – ISO 15190 standards, guaranteeing high-quality and reliable results delivered in a timely manner.

Test Result Reporting

Customers have several options to receive their test results, including:

  • Postal Delivery
  • E-mail
  • Line, Facebook Messenger (excluding sensitive results, such as sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Self-pick-up (with preliminary result interpretation by medical technologist)

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