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What is the blood test and what can it tell us?

What is the blood test and what can it tell us?

You may have heard the term “blood test” or “health check-up” when visiting hospitals or clinics. It involves the collection of a blood sample from a person to analyze and evaluate different chemical levels in the body. Let’s learn more about it.

A blood test can provide information on:

  • Determine biochemical to evaluate organ function and detect diseases like diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, stroke, gout, arthritis, and SLE.
  • Detecting tumor markers for various types of cancer, including liver cancer, colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, testicular cancer
  • Measuring levels of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, which are essential for overall health
  • Monitoring medication levels in the body.
  • Identifying levels of toxins in our body, such as lead, mercury, cyanide, or pesticides.

  • Determining blood alcohol levels.
  • Diagnosing anemia like Thalassemia and Iron deficiency anemia

  • Detecting autoimmune diseases such as SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), rheumatoid arthritis, and septicemia.
  • Exploring anti-aging substances.
ตรวจเลือด blood tests

A blood test can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Diagnostic tests: These tests are performed to diagnose diseases, determine the causes of abnormalities, or monitor the disease progression for effective treatment.
  2. Health check-up: These tests are conducted to prevent illnesses, evaluate cellular deterioration in the body, or prepare for family planning. It is recommended to undergo regular health check-ups at least once a year.
  3. Anti-aging tests: These tests are aimed at identifying substances associated with anti-aging and proactively managing one’s health before the onset of illness.

Where to get blood testing service?

To have a blood test, individuals can avail the services of medical laboratory technicians at medical technology clinics or both public and private hospitals.

ตรวจเลือด blood tests

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