DNA Testing - ตรวจ DNA

DNA testing to prove paternity :

DNA testing to prove paternity :

          Whether it’s for peace of mind or to make a birth certificate, child certificate, or a legal custody right, DNA testing to prove paternity is based on the principle that DNA, which is the genetic material of the child, is one half from the father and the other half from the mother

          Tests are performed using blood tests, or cheek lining cells that provide the same accurate test results as blood tests. Some labs can also be tested using hair and nails.

         For DNA testing, children can be of any age. The test result is the same, regardless of age, by taking the specimen to the laboratory for DNA extraction through the process of purifying the DNA and then preparing the extracted DNA. The test is conducted using 16 test kits called DNA markers. When the genetic material patterns of all specimens are compared, the laboratory can use statistical analysis to calculate the probability called the probability of paternity.

DNA Testing - ตรวจ DNA

          The interpretation of DNA test results to prove paternity can be easily understood. In a case where the Probability of Paternity is zero, the father is definitely not the biological father, and in the case where the Probability of Paternity is 99.99%, the father has a strong likelihood of being the real father.

Accuracy of DNA testing :

          DNA testing in all standard laboratories is found to be as accurate as 100 percent in practice. Considering the accuracy of the test together with the biological factors and interpersonal relationships involved, the test results are very accurate and reliable. In general, DNA test results take 7 days to process.

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