Health Check Up Program for Woman (Aged 50+)

Health Check Up Program for Woman (Aged 50+)

Health Check Up Program for Woman Aged 50 and Over

This check up program is appropriate for women aged 50 and above. Our comprehensive assessment aims to detect any potential health issues and enable proactive prevention.


  • Hematology assessment (Complete Blood Count II)

  • Renal function (Urine analysis)

  • Personal baseline glucose level (Fasting blood sugar)

  • Monthly average blood sugar level (HbA1C)

  • Renal function (BUN, Creatinine + eGFR)

  • Uric acid

  • Lipid profile (Cho, Tri, HDL, LDL)

  • Liver function (Gamma GT, TP, Alb, Glo, TB. DB, AST, ALT, ALP)

  • Thyroid function (FT4)

  • Thyroid function (TSH)

  • Vitamin D

  • Vitamin B12
  • Determine Risk of Coronary Artery Disease (Homosysteine)

  • Atherosclerosis and Inflammatory Condition (hs-CRP)

  • Liver Tumor Marker (AFP)

  • Colorectal Tumor Marker (CEA)

  • Pancreatic and Bile Duct Tumor Markers (CA 19-9)

  • Ovarian Tumor Marker (CA-125)

  • Breast Tumor Marker (CA-15-3)

  • Ovarian Tumor Marker (HE-4)

Price 9,300 baht (THB).

Preparation before health check-up

  1. Refrain from food and beverages for 8-12 hours before the check-up (except for drinking water).
  2. Avoid drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours before the check-up.
  3. Ensure an adequate amount of sleep for 6-8 hours.
  4. Continue taking your personal medications (please inform our staff before the check-up).
  5. Provide detailed information about your medical history or bring relevant previous medical reports.
  6. Should wear the clothing allowing access to upper arm.
  7. For women, avoid scheduling health check-up 7 days before and after your menstrual period.

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